Administrative Office Explanation

The MBC Executive Board consists of one person from each MBC Member institution. The Chairman of the Board is Dr. Philip Matsumura, of the University of Illinois at Chicago. The Vice Chair is Dr. John Kappler of the National Jewish Medical Center in Denver. The Secretary/Treasurer is Dr. Gerald Hazelbauer of the University of Missouri, Columbia. The Scientific Director of the MBC is Dr. Edwin Westbrook and the Beamline Manager is Dr. Jay Nix. The Business and Financial Offices of the MBC are located in Chicago, IL, under the leadership of Dr. Philip Matsumura and with the assistance of Ms. Peggy O’Neill, Business Administrator and Ms. Tarra Bollinger, Grants Manager.

Upon completion of the beamline construction, Dr. Edwin Westbrook has continued to work on his NIH funded projects in the development of advanced detectors and optics.