Ad-Hoc Program

The Program

The Ad-Hoc crystallography program is designed for those in academia or industry that need quick access to a synchrotron beamline without becoming a member of a Participating Research Team (PRT) or going through the ALS General User Program. With the institution of robotics and remote data collection at Beamline 4.2.2 it is possible for our consortium members to obtain beamtime on-demand and we have enough capacity to offer ad-hoc service to outside users. We will continue to offer this fee-for-service program until our capacity is reached.

There is no proposal review and time is assigned as needed. Access is usually within a week of first contact and shifts can be as short as 4 hours or as long as 48 hours allowing maximum flexibility to design experiments. Either remote collection by the user or service crystallography by beamline staff is available. The fast turn-around promotes fast screening and optimizations. Furthermore, the lab doesn't have to wait until there are enough samples to justify an 8-24 hour block of time before requesting time. This can greatly improve the overall lab productivity.


The Ad-Hoc program is available for both proprietary and non-proprietary work. In either case, users have to have a User Agreement with the ALS (see Becoming an ALS User) and proprietary fees (if they apply) must be “banked”. No proposals are required and there is no need to wait for ALS program cycles.

Main Points

  1. Quick access and turn-around
  2. No proposal review process
  3. Choice of collection types: visit, remote access or service crystallography
  4. Open to academic and industrial users