Service Crystallography

The Program

Service crystallography (sometimes called mail-in crystallography) is available to all member institutions and their affiliates at no cost. In this program samples are shipped to the Beamline and screening, collection, and data reduction/processing are done for the user by Jay Nix. Turn-around time is typically 1-1.5 weeks after first contact and may include single wavelength MR, MAD, and/or SAD/SIRAS experiments.

The Process

Setting up a Service crystallography run takes no more than informing the beamline of your intentions and scheduling time. Any instructions, specific requests for data handling, or other concerns can be addressed during first contact by email with Jay (Jay). Beamtime, collection and data processing is usually complete within one to two weeks of contact depending on the number of samples.

Main Points

  1. Free to members
  2. Fast turnaround
  3. Full collection and processing
  4. Processing in multiple programs if desired
  5. All inclusive from screening to maps based on user request