Sample Preparation


Any of the magnetic Hampton bases ( are suitable for use with the ACTOR Robot. Plastic or screw cap bases can NOT be used with the automounter!

Pins and Pin Lengths

Any pin and loop combination are suitable for the automounter. The “standard” size is an 18mm pin length mounted on a magnetic base for a base to loop distance of 21-23mm. It is possible to use different lengths, but it is essential that length is consistent across samples. Otherwise it is likely the sample will be out of the cold-stream after mounting. Note that there is a 4mm “window” in the length before the samples are out of the cold-stream. The following image demonstrates measurements on a Hampton pin.
Hampton Pin Image With Measurements
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Sending Samples

NOTE: contact Jay Nix ( before shipping any hazardous or infectious samples. Samples may be shipped directly in Rigaku Pucks ( or sent in cryo-vials and staff will transfer the samples into our in-house pucks. Samples can be shipped either wet (with proper paperwork) or dry. Please fill out our online form prior to shipping your dewar. NOTE: Contact Jay Nix ( before shipping hazardous or infectious materials.

Dewar Shipping Address

Jay Nix
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Phone: (510) 486-6652